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Fort William - BDS 2 - 16/17 May 2015

Despite the weather forecast looking bad for the weekend we headed up to Fort William for BDS round 2. All of the team riders decided to get there a day early to do some runs on the Friday. Fortunate, as the windy weather stopped the chair lift opening all weekend! We did 5 runs on the full track, testing settings and lines, in preparation for the world cup in 3 weeks. Saturday was a complete right off, with only the bottom of the track open with push up access. We were told it was highly likely the full track would be open to practice and race on Sunday, so we decided to have a day riding the local xc trails on our Trek Slash cross country bikes. However, Sunday proved to be a no go as well due to the weather, even though the chair lift was running for tourists. High winds and horizontal rain with low temperatures isn’t fun for riders or marshals! Instead we had a push up race that started on the fire road next to the world cup road gap. Jamie was first up in junior and he put in a great run, finishing 6th only 0.7 seconds off the podium, and right in with all of the top UK juniors. This was the first 2015 race run he’d managed to finish, so he and the team were buzzing with the successful result! Pete was next in elite, and making a mistake in such a short track isn’t going to leave you feeling good at the bottom. He finished 47th knowing he could have done better and was disappointed – chin up Pistol! Jack was the final team rider down, and feeling great in practice was hoping to be in and amongst the action at the top of the field. With a solid fast run and no mistakes he did a 1.23.5, which was only 2.6 back from 1st, times were that tight! We made the best of a bad weekend and are all looking forward to the next race which is BDS round 3 at Llangollen in 2 weeks.


Lourdes, France - World Cup Round 1 - 24-26 April 2015

The 2015 world cup season started this weekend with round 1 of the series at a new venue in France, Lourdes. The One Vision team pit was set up and all the riders arrived the day before track walk and couldn’t wait to get started. The weather forecast was mixed and everyone was hoping that the rain would hold off. When we walked the track it was clear it was going to be great to ride, with some really tough sections. The first practice day went well, with all three of our riders feeling good on the track. Jack had a nice smooth timed practice run and did a time of 3.15, which put him 23rd, showing he had good speed going into qualifying. Qualifying day is always a difficult one, and very stressful for all involved. James was first up in junior, and with what he described as a scruffy run with a few mistakes, he did us all proud and qualified 19th with a 3.27, going through to finals on Sunday – awesome considering this was his first world cup! Jack was next, and feeling confident for a fast run and high qualifying position. However disaster struck and he punctured just over half way down the course. The bad luck didn’t end there, as despite pushing on to the bottom as fast as he could, the tyre popped off the rim and the inner tube wrapped around the cassette jamming his rear wheel only 200 yards or so from the finish. He never gave up though and still only narrowly missed out on the top 80 and finals finishing 82nd, only 0.5 of a second off 80th. Gutted. Unfortunately Pete didn’t manage to put the run together that he is capable of, and therefore missed out on finals as well. So that left Jamie to fly the One Vision flag in junior. Unfortunately he had a big crash in his race run and wasn’t able to finish his run. Despite the bad luck the team had a great weekend and it has left everyone even more hungry for success at the next race!


Ae Forest - BDS 1 - 4/5 April 2015

The 2015 British Downhill Series kicked off at Ae forest in Scotland and it was to be the first race for One Vision Global Racing with the whole team together. The pits were set up and everyone was in high spirits and ready to race. Pete is still recovering from shoulder surgery so was prepared to take it fairly steady to save himself for the world cup the following weekend. Practice went well on Saturday with everyone finding their pace and enjoying riding, despite the slippery conditions in the morning and slow uplift service limiting the number of runs. Sunday morning practice was more of the same and by the time seeding came around everyone was keen to get going. James was first up in junior and unfortunately a big crash at the bottom meant he had to pull over and let the next rider through leaving him well down in seeding. Pete had a great run despite riding conservatively and seeded 16th in elite with a time of 3.28 which everyone was really pleased with. Jack had a scruffy run making 3 mistakes and wasn’t happy. However the pace was there seeding 9th with a 3.24 only 3 seconds back from 1st. Race runs and again Jamie was up first but unfortunately this run went a similar way to his seeding, this time with some bad luck involved. He got something trapped in his front wheel jamming it in the lower third of the course resulting in him not finishing his run. Pete didn’t have a good run going 2 seconds slower than his qualifying. Jack put a much better run together than in his seeding and did a time of 3.21 to finish in 8th place. However he was only 0.2 of a second off a podium and 4th place which was pretty disappointing. The team had a great first weekend together and was ready to head out to France for the first round of the world cup series.


Pampilhosa da Serra, Portugal Cup 2 - 23 March 2015

The 2015 race season started for me and my new team, One Vision Global Racing, last weekend. I was at the Portugal Cup race in Pampilhosa, a double points UCI race with a stacked field of world cup elite riders in attendance. A top 10 would have been a really good result! I really enjoyed practice and my Trek Session 9.9 was feeling amazing. Going into qualifying I was feeling pretty nervous having spent virtually all of 2014 with injuries, and as a result not able to race to my potential for a while. I was excited to see how I was going now I was fully fit, but also worried about whether I’d be where I wanted to be on the results sheet. I put down a good qualifying run, nothing special, and knowing I could go faster in the race run. To my surprise I was 2nd with a 2.26.9, behind Josh Bryceland in 1st with a 2.23, with a whole bunch of top 20 world cup riders behind me. It was a great feeling to know I’m back on track after last year was such a right-off with my shoulder injury. I was really relaxed going for my race run and as a result I had a storming run. I went through the finish and I knew I’d gone faster than my qualifying which was my main aim. The question was what had everyone else done. I’d gone over two seconds faster and at the end was in 3rd on a 2.24.7, only 0.01 off Marcus Pekoll in 2nd and 1.1 off Josh Bryceland in 1st. To say my season has started well is an understatement! Big thanks to all of One Vision Global Racing’s sponsors and roll on the next race.


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